Rights Reserved

IoE is a private educational initiative by Make Your Own Destiny. The Institute is neither affiliated to any University nor has sought de-jure recognition for its Academic Programmes from any statutory body. Hence, the Institute is an academically independent & selffinanced autonomous body. Acceptance/Recognition (de-facto) of the Institute’s academic programme will be indicated by the list of companies which offer placement/Summer/Trimester projects to IoE students. The Institute is known for its uniquely designed programmes in Entrepreneurship. The placements IoE certified students will get and the kind of research work it does, the tremendous market recognition that IoE seeks.
IoE designs and certifies its own Certificate Programmes in Entrepreneurship (a non professional course). Because of inclusion of subjects related to National Economic Planning / International Planning and our effort to integrate them with various functions of an entrepreneur (who has to lead a team of executives specialized in diverse fields), our programme’s de-jure recognition as equivalent to any degree is superfluous for any judgement on academic standing of the Institute. Students, who are concerned about statutory recognition, need not apply for the programme. The Institute reserves the right to emphasise this difference in approach and maintain its academic independence.

The Institute programs reserve the right to change the requirement for admission, graduation, content of courses, fees charged or to make any other suitable modification should these be deemed necessary in the interest of the Institute. All disputes are to be settled in Delhi Courts only.

To be eligible for Trimester Project/Placement Service or even any kind of certification of the Institute, a student has to satisfy the following criteria : (a) he/she has to secure an average of 50% marks; (b) he/she has to obtain 55% marks in oral as well as in written executive communication; (c) he/she has to pass 90% of the papers examined; (d) he/she has to clear all fees due to the Institute; (e) he/she has to attend 70% of all classes.

The program also reserves the right to drop any subject/ course on account of administrative and other constraints. If a course is dropped before commencement of the programme, students will be refunded all fees paid by them. If a course is dropped in the middle of the programme due to circumstances beyond the control of the Institute, students will be refunded (after one year) fees paid in advance for the remaining part of the programme. If a course is however, dropped in the middle of the programme due to students’ agitation, etc. fees paid by the students will not be refunded.

The program will, however, try to help innocent students to complete interrelated courses (equivalent to at least 66 credits) through correspondence material (and, if possible, through occasional contact programmes) in order to avoid disturbance of academic atmosphere by unwanted elements. Any concession achieved from the management under coercion will not be regarded as binding on the Institute.